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About us

Our globalized world is getting faster and faster and brings with it new changes almost every day. Especially young people have to be as flexible as possible in their job in order to be able to react quickly to all the new challenges and opportunities.

Of course, this also means changing requirements for the housing market. Short-term moves to distant cities and short rental periods make finding an apartment increasingly difficult. If you are looking for a nice home for a 3-month business stay, you will hardly find the time to deal with furnishing questions, weeks of registration processes for an Internet connection or the suitable choice of an electricity provider.

The two founders of Globalflats, Markus Quinting and Florian Blumenstein, want to offer a quick and uncomplicated solution for this problem and help to revolutionize the search for an apartment a little bit. Being good friends since childhood, they have now combined all their experience and core competencies in Globalflats in order to create a new and promising platform for tenants and landlords.

While Florian, as an experienced software engineer and product owner, looks after the technical side of Globalflats, Markus knows the wishes of both tenants and landlords himself very well. As the owner of several properties throughout Germany, he has been a landlord himself for years. In addition, through his many years of professional activity as an international production manager, he knows about the hurdles and problems of short-term and temporary housing searches.

Of course, “classic renting” will continue to exist. But Florian and Markus are sure: Short and medium-term furnished living will increase even more in the coming years. With Globalflats, they want to help shape the future of renting and make it a little easier for everyone involved.